Emotional stressreduction – or what really helps

Why is the emotional level so important when we deal with stress?

There are two main reasons:

  • It has a lot to do with the way we control our actions.
  • We cannot access it easily.

How much it controls our actions you can see every time you do not act in the way you have intended. You just do not manage.
That is when the emotional level can be felt, or put simply: head and heart do not want the same thing. If this happens frequently, or for a longer period of time, it can turn into a real problem. We struggle, we get stressed and stuck.

What are the reasons?

  • negative experiences of the past keep haunting us.
  • there is an inner conflict and its reasons may be hazy, difficult to grasp.

What are the effects?

  • whirling thoughts, letting go is nearly impossible, restlessness, self-created stress,  making decisions is difficult, frustration, a general feeling of reluctance, lack of drive and motivation.
  • physical troubles, addictive behaviour patterns, anxiety, psychological problems, depression, resignation.

What can emotional stressreduction do for you?

  • It helps you to activate your own natural coping processes. You can feel the difference soon – and what is more: it is lasting!
  • It improves your ability to make decisions, increases your motivation, happiness and general wellbeing.

Acting early is vital!

Do you recognise yourself in what is described above, do you have problems with yourself or with situations you find too challenging? Then put a stop to the balancing act at the brink of the abyss, the unnecessary loss of energy, the waste of precious life time!

The first step: your personal impulse talk

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Francesca Elsaesser
Health pedagogue for stressregulation
Trainer for work-related stressmanagement
Languages: E, G, I


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